A New Chapter in My Life & NEW Songs!

A New Chapter in My Life & NEW Songs!

I am sorry to have been a stranger for so long. The past several years were filled with changes and challenges that caused me to have to set aside music for a while. It was a difficult time of transition in my life. I have missed making music so much, and more than that I have missed the connection we share through music.

The good news is I have been making my way back to music and am feeling more genuinely myself than ever before. I’m super excited about the direction I’m taking musicially and have begun rebuilding my repertoire from the ground up. Most exciting of all I am writing again!

I want to thank you all for your support in making “Counting Daydreams” I grew a great deal during the process of recording that album. It was a dream come true and I’m so proud of it.
I’m genuinely excited to share the new direction my music is taking with you. I feel like I’m finding my voice as a performer as well as developing as a writer. The new songs have me drawn to a raw, gritty, soulful sound that feels closer to home.

As a kid I loved concept albums. There is an overarching subject and story I am exploring in this collection of songs I am currently writing and unlike the previous collection this album will be released as singles. Each single presents one small part of the picture that will unfold as the collection is complete.

To find out how to recieve the singles as they are recorded as well as obtain exclusive behind the scenes perks and rewards. Stay tuned to my website and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

“From The Ashes”

I am so thankful for your gracious support and encouragement all these years and am deeply grateful that inspiration has not abandoned me.

Life would be meaningless to me without the joy of sharing music with you.

Much LOVE & More MUSIC!
TerryLynn Melody