Follow your Heart – Learning to fly

Follow your Heart – Learning to fly

I have always loved concept art on albums. I remember as a kid, lying on the floor listening to records and examining the artwork for clues into the artist’s heart. Much like an artist’s lyrics the poetry of the artwork deepened my connection to the artist. I think that’s what I love most about art in all of its many forms. It’s a deeper glimpse at who we are. As such, I wanted my CD art to somehow tell my story.

As I am getting closer to the release date, I’m so excited that I wanted to share one of the elements with you. The final concept of the CD art could not be more perfect. I can’t wait to show you the whole thing really soon.

I’m so excited that I am only a few months away from the release of the album. There is very little left to be done. I have a piano and guitar track that I need to add to my song “Penny Candy” and a back-up vocal to record and add to my song “Counting Daydreams” then the whole thing goes off to mastering to be polished up to sparkling and then its ready to print and ship off to all of you!

I have decided to make the title track for the CD “Counting Daydreams”. It was the very first song I ever recorded over 17 years ago. This recording marked the beginning of a long journey as a songwriter, the journey to become a recording artist, something I was deeply uncomfortable with. I can be a tad critical of my self and the permanence of recorded sound has always been a bit intimating for me.

For me, the lyric in this song exemplifies the kind of optimism required to complete something of this magnitude without the help of a label. Its really difficult at times to balance the critic and the artist, to wear the hat of producer, and wanting the best performance possible, and simultaneously wear the hat of the artist and allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes. And we need the freedom to make those mistakes because sometimes our “mistakes” are the very things that make us unique and well… beautiful!

The completion of this album has been like a daydream come true and I can’t thank you enough. I couldn’t have done it without you. So I want to give you all a small gift of appreciating. I have uploaded the original recording of the title track here and I do hope you’ll take a minute and enjoy Counting Daydreams from my first recording of it in 1999, produced by Andre’ Mayeux. It’s free for you to download right here —> 😀 Counting Daydreams

I want to share one small element of the album artwork with you and a bit of advice about following your heart.

A fabulous artist by the name of Alyssa Cooper is creating a series of little birds for me, that will appear on the CD. She has been sending me the birds as she completes them and I wanted to share the lovely little bird she send me today.

This little bird represents the 2 little towns where I grew up, Havelock and New Bern, North Carolina. It was a nice little town and we had wonderful music programs in school and great local community theater. I was so grateful to have a place to express myself growing up.

Adolescence is a difficult time for many of us, but thankfully, music gave me a place to escape and find comfort. It has always been the place where I can most easily express, my grief, my frustration, my joy, my pain, and yes, my love. It is the place where i find my soul again when I feel lost in this world.

I’m eternally grateful to all of the people throughout my life who have helped me find my wings time and again in this life. Many of us have survived challenging relationships that in some way sought to clip our wings. The pain of those experience can make us want to build a protective wall around ourselves. But thankfully there are people who come along and chip away at the wall and let the light in and slowly but surely we find the courage to spread our wings.

I will be forever grateful for music and the encouragement you all have given me to continue to do what I love most. I have come to when you allow yourself to truly embody what it is you truly love in life the sky is the limit. When you are doing what you love there are moments when you can feel you heart soar, there are moments when you feel your spirit lift above all the things that hold you down!

So i encourage you to learn to fly again. Practice what you love, and do it often.

See you on the bright horizon!! Here’s to learning to fly!


TerryLynn Melody

If you haven’t ordered the CD yet you can order it now. Advance orders help me cover the cost of mastering and printing.

As a thank you for advance ordering I will send you a personally autographed copy.

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